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3 Basic Tips For SUP Yoga

Stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga has become the newest way for beginners to get onto a new SUP.  SUP yoga has flooded social media channels showing how calm and relaxing it can be to get out on a SUP and enjoy the open waters.  SUPs offer users many ways to get out and enjoy the water, of course our inflatable paddleboards offer the most due to their durability and ease of use.  With the rapid growth and demand of inflatable paddlboards and desire to get out and partake in SUP yoga; we wanted to go over the top 3 basic tips for making the most out of your yoga session.

SUP Yoga For Beginners

  1.  Locate The Center Of Your Board.  Many boards have some type of center indicator, our inflatable paddleboards have a handle directly in the center which allows for easy carrying but also doubles as a center of board locator.  This indicator is the ideal place for you to stand and paddle, which in the case of yoga that means this is where you will want to perform most of your poses.   While performing standing poses place your feet firmly and keep your legs actively engaged.  Then pull them in the direction of y our midline, also the center of the SUP.  If you begin to feel like you are going to fall or get a little wobbly, then begin with a narrow stance as you would while practicing on solid ground.  Most find that going a little wider is more comfortable however, everyone is different so start however you are most comfortable.
  2. Keep Low!  Performing ground level positions are going to be easier at a lower level, closer to the board, rather than with fully extended arm and leg poses.  This is because you reduce the possibility of being “top heavy” thus making it much easier to keep your balance.  These are basic yoga poses however, once you find your balance on the inflatable paddleboard you will be able to move into advanced SUP yoga poses, such as warrior poses.
  3. Take Your Time!  We all get a little excited and want to skip through the simple stuff.  But remember, the simple stuff is what helps you find your ground.  Enjoy every bit of it and just take it slow.  You will find that if you get too advanced too soon you will be swimming more than you are performing relaxing yoga moves!  Move with peace and slowly transition from one pose to the next.

SUP yoga is an excellent way to make the most of your paddling-adventures and even double up on your fitness.  Combining tranquillity with advanced levels of balance is euphoric on many levels, many that you never even knew existed.  Both yoga and paddleboarding is based around creating a connection, so take the opportunity on a new Caribe SUP inflatable paddleboard.  You can compare our inflatable paddleboards here, on our comparison link.  You will find that our Asana SUP is the best SUP for yoga.  Lastly, once you get out on your board and check off some poses, snap some shots and share them with us on our social media using #caribesup!