About CaribeSUP

The beauty of the clear, turquoise waters of the Caribbean stretching out to the shores of our birth, gave rise to the name of our company, CaribeSUP.  Warm, tropical breezes and idyllic weather promote a healthy, active lifestyle, which led us to create a perfect product for those who like to connect with nature, travel, and discover remote locations while on top of the water.

CaribeSUP was created to fill the current gap in the SUP industry in terms of good quality, attractive design and outstanding performance inflatable paddleboards, while offering convenient mobility for those who like to travel and explore our bountiful world!

After much research, we began creating durable and inflatable paddleboards with attractive and colorful designs and a lightweight and portable structure that doesn’t compromise the integrity or performance of the board. These paddleboards are extremely durable made out of military PVC (same as dinghies), lightweight (23-27lbs) making them easy to transport and can be conveniently folded and stored away when not in use. Easy maintenance, very resistant to punctures and zero risk of dings! So The Best Inflatable Paddleboard was born!

Join us and take an adventure on a CaribeSUP inflatable paddleboard!