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7 SUP Surfing Mistakes to Avoid

By Adam Eyal, Inflatable SUP Guru at

With boards costing hundreds of dollars and sprains making up 50% of all injuries, making a mistake on your SUP surf board can be expensive as well as painful.

We’ve seen just about every SUP surf mistake in our time, whether it’s to do with equipment, technique or attitude. Here, we’ve drawn on this experience to highlight seven of the most common mistakes among novice stand up paddle board surfers. Making mistakes is a huge part of the learning and growing process, but by being careful and following our tips you can eliminate as many of the risks as possible.

1. Choosing the wrong board

SUP surf boards are highly technical pieces of kit with increasingly impressive design features. As a result, it’s important to choose a board that’s going to allow you to get the most out of the sport.

Often, beginners use a SUP board which is either too big or too small for their size and weight. This mistake makes the whole activity frustrating as the board will be too difficult to maneuver and control. Start by looking at boards measuring around ten feet in length, but make sure to follow this up with research on the best SUP boards for surfing for you.

2. Starting too shallow

Heading out into the deep is daunting, especially if you’re new to the world of SUP surfing. It’s tempting to stick close to the shore, but it’s a mistake to start out in water that’s too shallow.

If your board is only just clearing the ground, the fins will sink into the sand. If this happens, you won’t go anywhere – and you could even do damage to your board. To avoid this, head for water which is about knee deep to give you enough ground clearance without being intimidating.

3. Being too ambitious

One of the biggest mistakes that beginners make is trying to do too much too soon. It’s dangerous to head out on the water on your own without having taken any lessons – if nothing else, you’ll be missing out on some health and safety basics. Although SUP surfing is relatively easy to learn, you shouldn’t rush to catch any waves too early.

Don’t run before you can walk – or rather, don’t surf before you can paddle. Be respectful of Mother Nature, be realistic about your skill level, and be sensible about the waves that you try to tackle.

4. Holding the paddle incorrectly

From hockey sticks to vacuum cleaners, there are so many other long-handled objects which are held with your hands close together, so it’s tempting to do the same with a SUP surf paddle.

However, if you hold the paddle like a push broomstick, you simply won’t get enough power to propel yourself efficiently. Instead, place one hand at the end (on the stirrup) and the other hand halfway down the length of the shaft, right between the handle and the blade.

When you place your paddle in the water, keep it upright at all times. If you hold the paddle with the blade far out to the side, you’ll just end up turning the board rather than moving straight.

In addition, hold the paddle with the blade angled forwards. If you hold it backwards, you’ll scoop the water upwards, lowering your board into the water at the same time.

5. Using the wrong stance

Should you use a simple paddling stance, a surf stance, or a combination of the two? With a sport that combines several different activities, it can be hard to know the best way to position your feet to get the most control of your board.

To start, make sure that you’re standing in the center of the board with your feet shoulder width apart. You’re aiming for as much balance and stability as possible, but standing further backwards will cause your board’s tail to dip and its nose to lift out of the water. As you become more experienced, you can place a foot above the fins when you’re riding waves as this will help you to drive your SUP board’s direction and movement.

6. Looking down

You should look at your feet to make sure you’ve got the correct stance, right? Wrong.

Your body has a tendency to follow its eyes, so if you look down you can lose your bearings, rock back on your heels and fall into the drink. It might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s actually far more effective to keep your head up. Look at the horizon and use your feet to feel your own stability and sense the movement of the water beneath you.

7. Not being aware of the surroundings

If you’re new to stand up paddle board surfing, losing track of your surroundings is one of the easiest and most dangerous mistakes to make. With so much to concentrate on your mind can become distracted – but this can land you and your fellow ocean-goers in trouble.

You should always keep track of the wind direction while you’re out on the water. If you feel a change in wind strength or direction, paddle back to a safe location as soon as you can, before you’re swept along towards a dangerous area of the coast.

Similarly, you should always pay attention to the other people in your surroundings. There is a certain unspoken etiquette among surfers, so be respectful of others. Avoid catching all the waves and don’t surf too close to others or someone will end up getting hurt.


If SUP surfing was easy, everyone would be doing it. You’re always going to make mistakes (no matter how experienced you are) and there are always going to be areas which you can improve.

However, by following these steps, watching online video tutorials and taking a few lessons, you’ll be well placed to skip out some of the most common SUP surf mistakes. The rest is up to you, so get out on the water and surf, surf, surf!

See you on the water, wherever you go!
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Why you should try yoga on a standup paddleboard!

You’ve probably heard of standup paddleboarding and I know you’ve heard of yoga, but have you ever thought of combining the two? The idea probably sounds slightly terrifying, but if you aren’t afraid to get a little wet, and are ready to have some fun, then SUPyoga might be your next adventure!

Human beings have always been drawn to water, it’s obvious from the fact that we associate the word “paradise” with a tropical beach. And yoga is beloved by many as a tool that combines fitness with meditation, balance and inner healing. Combining water with yoga is a powerful recipe and it is worth trying.

Balancing on top of a paddleboard when practicing yoga forces you to slow down and become even more aware of your breathing and your inner world, you must make focus and being present a priority, something I’m sure a few of us could use some help on! SUPyoga facilitates a deeper connection with our breath and our body.

It also forces us to engage our core more, which promotes an overall more productive workout. Because the surface is unstable our core kicks into gear more than it would have to on dry land. The possibility of falling into the water also gives us an extra burst of adrenaline which we can incorporate into our workout, helping us to stay more focused and productive.

And if you do fall in….it gives you a great opportunity to laugh at yourself, climb back onto your board, and try again! And I know there is a profound life lesson in that!

If you’re interested in SUPyoga and can’t wait to get started, be sure to check out our Asana model SUP, it’s perfect for SUPyoga, SUPpilates and even SUPcrossfit! Being a little wider than your standard SUP it offers a more stable surface while still providing the lightweight practicality of all our inflatable paddleboards. And make sure you check out Vida, an inflatable platform for use in yoga and other exercise activities, indoor or outdoor!

Check out our the rest of our Yoga compatible paddle boards and fitness platforms!

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Add SUP to Your Summer Workout Routine

You might be wondering how to keep up your workout routine while attending to all that fun in the sun this summer. How are you going to keep, or work towards your summer body, with all the summer partying going on? Your solution is standup paddle boarding. Here are 3 reasons why paddleboarding is the perfect balance of fun and fitness.

1.- Caribe SUP inflatable paddleboards are portable!

If you don’t have an attachment atop your car to carry your paddleboard, no worries! Caribe SUP paddleboards can easily be deflated and rolled up small enough to put in your trunk or the backseat of your car. At just a bit over 20 pounds, it is lighter than a small child (that’s just to give you an idea the weight!). You can easily bring it along to a riverside BBQ or a beach hangout.

2.- You can burn more calories than a gym session!

When paddleboarding, you can challenge yourself as much or as little as you would like. You can float along, paddling slowly, or you can power forward from the strength of your core. It can be relaxing, or it can be the most strenuous activity you have ever done. You can even alternate between the two for a fun challenge.

3.- It is a shareable experience!

Although paddleboarding is a fun solo activity, what is great about paddleboarding is that it can easily be made into a family activity. You can gather the kids (or some friends) and get everyone navigating the beach, river, or lake of your choice on paddle board! You can even paddleboard with your puppy as your sidekick! How’s that for a family outing! And shhhh, don’t let them know that it’s a full body

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Stop Putting Your Health on Hold

According to an article by, we seem to have a problem putting work down and taking a break. If you are one of the 56% of Americans which neglected to take a vacation in the last couple years, it’s time to get out and experience the world.

Did you know we seriously damage our health when we skip not only our daily exercise, but also our yearly vacations?

There are countless studies on the cardiovascular health benefits of taking a vacation, and according to the stats will likely shock you.

Men at risk for heart disease who skipped vacations for five consecutive years were 30 percent more likely to suffer heart attacks than those who took at least a week off each year.
Even missing one year’s vacation can be associated with a higher risk of heart disease.
Studies find similar results with women: Women who took a vacation once every six years or less were almost eight times more likely to develop heart disease, have a heart attack, or die of a coronary-related cause than those who took at least two vacations a year.
Why do we hesitate using those paid vacation days? For many, it comes down to the idea that costs and hassles of traveling aren’t worth the effort. But isn’t our health worth more?

How to Start Healthy Vacation Habits: CARIBE SUP Will Let You Vacation Anywhere

Okay, maybe you aren’t ready to jet off to the beautiful Hawaiian islands tomorrow but that doesn’t mean you can’t start taking care of your health with exercise, activity, and a little time off right away.

On an inflatable paddle board you can get out on ANY body of water and just escape your stress with little to no hassle or planning required. You are no longer limited to finding a place to rent a board or trying to fit your own fiberglass board in your car. Standup Paddle Boarding allows you to take pleasure in a low-impact, endurance building activity that will work out nearly every muscle in your body.

This fun and rewarding hobby doesn’t require lessons and won’t break the bank. You can fish, practice yoga, bring along your furry friend, or just row through some of the most beautiful places. Places that sightseeing buses and tours can’t take you. Spots that some boats can’t even squeeze into.

Whether you tour the lakes and rivers in the backyard of your own state or jet off to some of the most beautiful places in the world (like these folks seen here on the CaribeSUP blog) inflatable standup paddle boards are the way to go. You can even take a night ride with attachable LED lights!

Make Memories: Up Close and Personal

When you think of the most beautiful places in the world, do you think of places you’ve been or are you limited to the screen savers you see pop up on your desk computer every day?

Why confine yourself to only your imagination? Why not join those who see these spectacular places up close and personal?

Imagine floating over crystal clear waters, watching the marine life swim beneath you, and most importantly not wasting away behind the office desk! What are you waiting for? Get out there today!

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The Best Fathers Day Gift? The Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board!

Tired of getting socks, shirts, and other basic gifts for Father’s Day? Switch it up this year and get dear ol’ Dad a CaribeSUP inflatable paddle board! CaribeSUP offers many different types of inflatable paddle boards to meet many different types of needs. Have no idea what type of paddle board to get? Check out our quick guide to picking the right one or contact us. Paddle boarding is easy and anyone can do it! Does the old man already have a SUP? No worries! We have tons of accessories for the SUP enthusiast in your life. See our guide below to find the perfect Father’s Day gift!

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Paddle Boarding With Your Furry Best Friend

You have seen pictures all of the Internet, happy dogs surfing around on a paddle board with not a care in the world.  And lets face it, what is better than paddle boarding with a friend than your furry best friend?  If you love to paddle board and you love to get outdoors with your dog, then it is only just a matter of time until your pet is truly doggy paddling..get it?  With that being said, there are always some safety tips to go around.  A few months ago we outlined some tips for general paddle boarding safety, today we have some quick safety tips for paddle boarding with your dog and getting them accustomed to your SUP.

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Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding Should Be Your New Favorite Hobby

inflatable paddle boards

Summer is near and that means, for many of us, it is almost time to get back out onto the open waters.  If being in the water is something you are looking forward to then look no further to a new CaribeSUP inflatable paddle board.  Paddle boarding has quickly become an extremely popular water activity for all ages.  Aside from all of the health benefits, paddle boarding provides a new and exciting way to simply enjoy the open waters in ways you may have never enjoyed before!

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Standup Paddling Safety

Standup Paddling Safety

We decided to make this month’s post about standup paddling safety due to the continuous popularity of paddle-boarding.  Whether you paddleboard is nearly endless, from local lakes to the wide open ocean, you can take a CaribeSUP inflatable paddleboard anywhere however, it is extremely important to make safety priority one.  Being a fairly new sport, there is not much in the Internet in regards to standup paddling safety, so we will outline some key points for you to take to the waves.

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Best Last Minute Gift Idea: CaribeSUP Inflatable Paddleboard

Holiday shopping is tedious and time-consuming, so much that often many of us forget to get a gift or two.  Well good news, we have an idea for your last minute Holiday shopping – get a CaribeSUP!  For the outdoorsy families out there, a CaribeSUP inflatable paddleboard is the solution for your last minute purchases.

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Inflatable vs Rigid SUP: Why You Should Choose CaribeSUP

best inflatable paddleboard

The time has come and you are ready to buy your first paddleboard.  But which one do you buy an inflatable or a rigid SUP?  We already know the answer here, as do you, inflatable.  But why exactly?  While the rigid SUP has been around for awhile, it simply cannot compare to the boastful benefits of an inflatable SUP.

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