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3 Basic Tips For SUP Yoga

Stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga has become the newest way for beginners to get onto a new SUP.  SUP yoga has flooded social media channels showing how calm and relaxing it can be to get out on a SUP and enjoy the open waters.  SUPs offer users many ways to get out and enjoy the water, of course our inflatable paddleboards offer the most due to their durability and ease of use.  With the rapid growth and demand of inflatable paddlboards and desire to get out and partake in SUP yoga; we wanted to go over the top 3 basic tips for making the most out of your yoga session.

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Paddleboard Fishing

paddleboard fishing

Almost everyone has been fishing once in their life, and for those who have been hooked (no pun intended) paddleboard fishing is quite the adventure.  As fast as paddleboarding has been adopted by yoga instructors, so has fishing.  Fishing from a paddleboard has many perks, starting with the fact that you can fish on the water at a fraction of the cost of buying a boat or charter.  With paddleboard fishing, you can kiss the days of fishing from a lonely pier goodbye!

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Street Surfing / Paddleboarding Hurricane Hermine

Making the best out of it!

Did you see the Hurricane Hermine Street Surfing / Paddleboarding viral video? It was recorded by our Brand Ambassadors @tyler_kapela and local Playmate @marissa_everhart, both hosts of @thehottestbite. The video went viral all over the internet and TV, as a result it was featured on nationwide news channels in the East, Midwest, South and West Coast of US in addition to Canada, Germany, UK. Also known video pages like Snapchat, Now This, Inside Edition, etc. These sure know how to make the best of it!!!

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Paddleboarding Is Here To Stay

best inflatable paddleboard

Fads, they come and they go, but paddleboarding is definitely not one of them.  Paddleboarding is constantly growing and becoming a greater demand to adventurists looking for a new way to get out and about.  While some are skeptical on using a paddleboard, nearly all want to get out and paddle.  So what is keeping this lifestyle afloat?  Simplicity.

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Health Benefits of Standup Paddleboarding

Health Benefits of Standup Paddle-Boarding

Year to year , standup paddleboarding remains an outdoor water-sport activity that people instantly love.  There is no wonder why as standup paddleboarding is an easy and fun way to get out on the open waters, especially with an inflatable paddleboard.  Aside from being fun and easy to use,  using a SUP for personal activity offers multiple health benefits to paddleboarders of every age and experience level.   These health benefits are perfect for families looking to have family time while keeping the kids healthy, and parents in shape!

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Paddleboards: Choose The Best Inflatable SUP For You

About Caribe SUP

You may not know this already but buying a CaribeSUP stand up paddleboard will be one of the best and most fun purchases you will make. Not only are our inflatable paddleboards a blast out on the water, but they are also the easiest and most durable inflatable paddleboards you can buy. Not to mention, that paddleboarding is great way to workout, bond with friends and family and even make new friends. While there are many options to choose from, selecting the best paddleboard for you is more than what just meets the eye in design.
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Purchase a CaribeSUP Board, Help Protect Our Oceanlife!

Besides being one of the most durable and top-performing stand up paddleboards on the market (have you seen a 3-ton Jeep driving over our board without leaving a mark or dent?), with the purchase of select CaribeSUP boards you will be helping to preserve our ocean wildlife!

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Don’t Paddle Up A Creek Without A CaribeSup Inflatable Paddle Boards

Caribe SUP - Best inflatable SUP

The hurricane season, which usually brings unpredictable and erratic waves of destruction, is just one reason to seek safety from the aftermath of seasonal storms. Hurricanes and other weather conditions, such as the recent storm “Joaquin,” leave those in its path unprepared for what rising waters can do to a coastline community, or other low lying areas plagued by fast moving flood waters.

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