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The Best Fathers Day Gift? The Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board!

Tired of getting socks, shirts, and other basic gifts for Father’s Day? Switch it up this year and get dear ol’ Dad a CaribeSUP inflatable paddle board! CaribeSUP offers many different types of inflatable paddle boards to meet many different types of needs. Have no idea what type of paddle board to get? Check out our quick guide to picking the right one or contact us. Paddle boarding is easy and anyone can do it! Does the old man already have a SUP? No worries! We have tons of accessories for the SUP enthusiast in your life. See our guide below to find the perfect Father’s Day gift!

The Best Inflatable Paddle Board

This is the perfect gift to introduce Dad to the SUP life. All of our base paddle boards come with a pump and paddle, so Dad can get out on the water right after unwrapping his gift! CaribeSUP inflatable paddle boards come in five different colors and three different sizes as well as different packages. Regardless of which one you pick, all of our inflatable stand up paddle boards are super light and easy to travel with. This is great for Dad’s who like to travel, he can take this anywhere and not have to worry about being weighed down!

best inflatable paddle board

LED Lights for Inflatable SUP

These can be the perfect addition to any paddle board. Not only do they look cool at night, they also keep you safe by ensuring you are visible! These are super easy to attach and are completely waterproof. You can pick between multicolored LED and white LED. Either one you go with is sure to bring a new excitement to night time paddle boarding!

paddle board lights

Kayak Seat for Paddle Board

One of the best things about CaribeSUP is that it they are so versatile. The kayak seat is so easy to put on and it will have no effect on your SUP capabilities. It is also perfect for taking a break during a long paddle boarding excursion or just wanting to switch things up a bit. Dad will appreciate the option to do both, because who doesn’t like options!

Paddle Board Kayak Seat

CaribeSUP Air Lounge Sofa 2.0

There is nothing better than taking a load off on the beach after a long, exciting day of paddle boarding. What better way to just chill out on the beach than on the CaribeSUP Air Lounge Sofa? Kiss boring lounge chairs good bye! These are so easy to travel with as they take up little to no room. These will become an all-time favorite for future “Best Father’s  Day” gifts list, and you can beat everyone to them with your new CaribeSUP Air Lounge Sofa!

Second Generation Air Sofa - Blue, Green, Purple

You can now rest easy knowing you have options for the best Father’s Day gift.  Keep in mind, CaribeSUP offers a variety of inflatable paddle boards and accessories, browse around to find the perfect Father’s Day gift! If you’re having trouble deciding on which board to get, then check out our SUP comparison chart!  If you have questions you just cannot seem to find the answers for, then contact us and one of our friendly customer support representatives will be happy to help you out!