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Paddleboards: Choose The Best Inflatable SUP For You

About Caribe SUP

You may not know this already but buying a CaribeSUP stand up paddleboard will be one of the best and most fun purchases you will make. Not only are our inflatable paddleboards a blast out on the water, but they are also the easiest and most durable inflatable paddleboards you can buy. Not to mention, that paddleboarding is great way to workout, bond with friends and family and even make new friends. While there are many options to choose from, selecting the best paddleboard for you is more than what just meets the eye in design.

A little background on inflatable boards, the main reason was to solve the inconvenience of lugging around a massive board while traveling. Inflatable SUPs are much lighter and easier to transport compared to a traditional paddleboard. Another valuable reason to owning an inflatable paddleboard is that they tend to last longer. With any adventure on the water you will run into rocks, stumps and other board-abusive objects that would only ding, crack and chip away at a standard paddleboard, not so with an inflatable paddleboard. The added give in the inflatable board acts just like an inflatable raft used on rapid rivers. Even then, if you ran into something that created a hole, you can simply patch it like a tire and move on about your way!

To find the right one, think about the type of paddle boarding you’ll be doing. Will it be fun and fitness which consists of leisurely outings or yoga and fitness sessions? Will you be fishing? Will you be racing? Will you be catching waves? Maybe you will even just be paddling the waters with your best friend (both in human and furry form)! These are all just some of the ways paddleboarders are using their inflatable stand up paddleboards.

The ultimate consideration when choosing a SUP is to know how stable you will be and how well you will be able to maneuver the board that you choose for your planned activity. Weight limits, board length, board width, fins and core materials all make up the total composition of a paddleboard and each piece applies to a different activity. For example, with touring and racing you will want a board that is more narrow at the tip but large enough for your size to provide comfort for extended periods of use. If you are going to be fishing, then you would want to select a board (like our Asana and Tiburon paddleboards) that have a larger width and length.

To make it easy, we created a handy SUP comparison chart to help you decide which CaribeSUP inflatable stand up paddleboard is best for you, take a look! As always, if you have any questions just open a live chat, we are here to help!

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