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Don’t Paddle Up A Creek Without A CaribeSup Inflatable Paddle Boards

Caribe SUP - Best inflatable SUP

The hurricane season, which usually brings unpredictable and erratic waves of destruction, is just one reason to seek safety from the aftermath of seasonal storms. Hurricanes and other weather conditions, such as the recent storm “Joaquin,” leave those in its path unprepared for what rising waters can do to a coastline community, or other low lying areas plagued by fast moving flood waters.

Panic sets in and storm victims run for higher ground, seek out a neighbor with a boat or dinghy, or just skirmish for a piece of floating wood or debris on which to cling to save themselves from being swept away. Doors and windows can be boarded up on homes and businesses, and boats used for escape, but when it comes to personal safety at water level, a device that is both portable and inflatable, and can withstand the rigors of being slapped and beaten around in the water, seems to be one of the few protective options out there for vulnerable storm areas.

Those scurrying for safety from high flood areas like New Orleans, Miami, the North Carolina coast and islands such as the Bahamas are seeking a real safety device that does what it says it will, and CaribeSup’s stand up inflatlabe paddleboard is just the equipment that storm victims need to reach for in an emergency. These inflatable and easy to store boards provide an instantaneous remedy for any kind of storm and surging water issue.

CaribeSup carries and supplies a number of inflatable and colorfully designed PVC inflatable board styles with accompanying equipment that solves the problems associated with water emergencies. Those caught up in storms can quickly grab their inflatable paddleboard, inflate it and be ready to face any dilemma concerning sudden water emergencies. For off season storage, these inflatable paddleboards can be easily deflated, banded and stored almost anywhere in a sturdy and transportable bag.

Inflation for CaribeSup inflatable paddleboards is easy with its double action manual handle pump that forces air when you push and pull (29 psi maximum output). It is high pressure, lightweight, dependable and includes a gauge and the appropriate connector for the CaribeSup board of your choice. Paddles are also available to use with the inflatable paddleboard for easy maneuvering through flood and storm waters.

CaribeSup supply outlets can be found throughout the United States and special international orders can be processed through our website, Feel free to contact us with any questions. We have an online chat feature with representatives ready to answer any and all inquiries.

Portability is the name of the game concerning storm waters, and whether you are planning for an emergency escape or simply wanting to explore oceans, waterways and marine life, CaribeSup can make it all possible through its weightless and specially designed inflatable paddleboards. Its precision and quality workmanship is unbeatable. Don’t be left up the creek or stranded in a deluge without a CaribeSup. You won’t regret transporting yourself in and out of a raging storm with a CaribeSup inflatable paddleboard.