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Health Benefits of Standup Paddleboarding

Health Benefits of Standup Paddle-Boarding

Year to year , standup paddleboarding remains an outdoor water-sport activity that people instantly love.  There is no wonder why as standup paddleboarding is an easy and fun way to get out on the open waters, especially with an inflatable paddleboard.  Aside from being fun and easy to use,  using a SUP for personal activity offers multiple health benefits to paddleboarders of every age and experience level.   These health benefits are perfect for families looking to have family time while keeping the kids healthy, and parents in shape!

After a few uses you will notice how much more energetic and stronger you feel from the health benefits of standup paddleboarding!

Basic health benefits from standup paddleboarding:

  • Improve your balance: Standup paddleboarding requires a lot of core stability and leg strength to maintain your balance. The usage of core stability and leg strength can help increase your mental focus and bodily balance in day-to-day activities.
  • Total body workout: Trust us when we say that you will use just about every muscle in your body while paddleboarding.  Due to the on-going need of balance and arm movement, every muscle in your body will be getting a complete workout.  This is great for people who spend most of their time at a desk all day long with minimal movement.
  • Intense cardio: We all know how important cardio is to long term health, and paddleboarding helps with those health benefits of good cardio!  While paddleboarding with friends you will find yourself race one another and getting into areas you have never explored before.  Adventure brings a lot of bodily movement that helps increase your cardio workout activity. According to recent research, paddleboarding frequently can help you avoid falling victim to heart attacks or strokes.
  • Overall increase in strength: You may be a bit sore after your first adventures on an inflatable paddleboard however, no pain – no gain!  Soreness after a workout is a good thing, as that means your muscles have been put to work and growing!

Health benefits of paddleboarding to help with rehab and mental wellness:

  • Rehabilitation of injuries: For starters, paddleboarding is not an extreme sport.  Therefore, paddleboarders can expect a  very low impact on their body while still exercising their muscles, reflexes and mental stability.  Standup paddleboarding is unlikely to damage any tendons or ligament in or around your joints.
  • Improves endurance: Stick to it! Constant usage of an inflatable paddle-board helps paddleboarders increase their endurance.  Paddleboarders will notice over-time that they can go longer, further and faster out on the water with little to no soreness.
  • Vitamin D: What shines the brightest on the biggest portion of our earth? The sun!  Paddleboarders can soak up vitamin D from the sun while spending the day paddleboarding.  With that being said, be sure to use an ample amount of sunscreen!
  • Reduces stress: By nature,water can naturally soothe your mind and soul.  The exercise that comes with being on the water helps you exert stress from your body.  In addition, learning something new and mastering it helps you feel a sense of great achievement.  You may or may not need some time to master standup paddleboarding, but when you do you will never give up!

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