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Paddleboarding Is Here To Stay

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Fads, they come and they go, but paddleboarding is definitely not one of them.  Paddleboarding is constantly growing and becoming a greater demand to adventurists looking for a new way to get out and about.  While some are skeptical on using a paddleboard, nearly all want to get out and paddle.  So what is keeping this lifestyle afloat?  Simplicity.

According to the Winona State University Outdoor and Recreation Center Director, Eric Barnard, the number of paddleboarders across the U.S. has tripled within just five years.  Paddleboards are excellent for friends and family who just want to easily get out on the water and leisurely explore.  Whether it is fishing, racing or just relaxing – you can do it all on an inflatable paddleboard and with ease!  Paddleboards offer an exciting new way for young children to get out on the water with minimal risk of getting hurt, if they fall, they can just simply climb back on and keep on going!  In addition, unlike canoes or kayaks, paddleboard users do not have to worry about getting swamped.

Paddleboard With Ease

For most users, they find that paddleboarding is as easy as riding a bicycle.  And with all of the social media surrounding paddleboard exploration, consumers fear on missing out.  Once they hit the water and share their adventure it simply becomes a chain reaction.  It seems as though everyone wants to paddleboard, and who can blame them?  In addition, paddleboards allow users to find their own way.  What does that mean?

For example, many paddleboarders are getting a start by simple kneeling on the board and paddling along.  As they begin to catch speed they find themselves becoming more stable and thus, standup to accelerate their speed.   At this point, they are hooked for life.  Not to mention, with an inflatable SUP users can literally go anywhere and always have the ability to enjoy their new found love in paddleboarding.

And what makes being out on a paddleboard so great?  You are simply closer to nature.  Many people often forget the beautiful gifts throughout our world however, when on a SUP you can slow it down and take it all in.  Create memories, enjoy your company and just take in the surroundings you miss out on throughout the week.

Being on top of the water is a much more intimate experience than being on a boat or even a canoe.  Tranquility is something that we all tend to miss out on, but with an inflatable paddleboard you can just pump up and unwind anywhere that you please on the water.

Paddleboarding For Health

This brings us back to the health benefits of paddleboarding that we went over last month [link].  Being able to paddleboard on your feet, on your knees or even sitting down gives you endless options and abilities to work out your entire body which simply put, gives you the best exercise possible both physically and mentally.

As you can see, paddleboarding is far from a fad and has become a true lifestyle that paddleboard owners long for all week long, getting out on the weekend and simply unwinding.  Whether you are on a lake, a river, whitewater rapids, a pond or your local lake.  Paddleboarding offers so many benefits to paddleboarders unlike anything else on the market.

While there are many ways to paddleboard, every CaribeSUP inflatable paddleboard offers something a little bit different to every user.  Not sure on which paddleboard is best you?  Take a look at our paddleboard comparison chart here [link] to determine which inflatable SUP will fit your needs.  Until next month, make the most your life, enjoy the gifts from Mother Nature on a CaribeSUP inflatable paddleboard!