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Inflatable vs Rigid SUP: Why You Should Choose CaribeSUP

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The time has come and you are ready to buy your first paddleboard.  But which one do you buy an inflatable or a rigid SUP?  We already know the answer here, as do you, inflatable.  But why exactly?  While the rigid SUP has been around for awhile, it simply cannot compare to the boastful benefits of an inflatable SUP.

SUP Durability

Like any investment, you want things to simply last.  While a rigid fiberglass or wood SUP will last for as long as you take care of it however, when on the water accidents do happen.  In shallow waters you will for certain find yourself running into logs and various underwater obstacles that can damage a rigid board.  You may think “well if a log will crack a rigid board it certainly will puncture an inflatable SUP!” However, that is not the case with a CaribeSUP inflatable paddleboard due to the high quality military grade material that we use.  In most cases, the same obstacle that could crack a rigid board would just be little bump in the water on our board as the material will give way to the harder obstacle.  Which brings us to repairs…

SUP Repairs

When it comes to repairs there is a huge difference.  Accidents will occur and something may actually puncture an inflatable board however, the same puncture on a rigid board goes much deeper.  If you crack the fiberglass on a rigid board and water manages to seep in, you will not only risk completely ruining the board but will also notice an immediate change in performance.  If you crack your rigid board on the water you will find yourself immediately walking it all the way back to save your investment.  With an inflatable board there are no complex layers of fiberglass, wood and/or foam that can be damaged beyond surface level.  Just like a punctured tire on a car, you simply patch the puncture and can continue enjoying your board for many days to come.

SUP Storage

Another big win for the inflatable paddleboard is that it is so much easier to store compared to a rigid board.  If you purchase a 10′ rigid board then you better have more than 10 feet readily available to store your board.  If you buy additional boards for your family then you may as well have a whole garage dedicated to your boards!  With an inflatable board you just simply let the board air out, roll it up and store it away.  You can store an inflatable SUP in the closet, on a shelf or even just keep it tucked away in the corner of your trunk so that you can have it ready to go when you are just feeling like paddling the open waters!  Which brings us to traveling…

Traveling With A SUP

One of the selling points of owning a paddleboard is experience.  With a paddleboard you will experience events and places you just cannot compare to with other types of equipment.  Sure you can buy a $30,000.00 boat and cruise around, but you still wont have the same intimate experience as you would with your $899.99 inflatable paddleboard.  Just as golfers will take their clubs with them when they travel, true paddleboard enthusiasts can take their inflatable SUP with them wherever they go.  This is simply something that cannot be done with a rigid board.  Imagine trying to check-in your 10’+ rigid paddleboard at the airport!

In Summary…

If you are looking to get the most “bang for your buck” then an inflatable paddleboard is the way to go.  The benefits and longevity that come with the lifestyle and happiness of owning a CaribeSUP, the best inflatable paddleboard, are near endless.  Not sure which of our boards is the right fit for you?  Open a live chat and ask OR just check out our handy comparison chart HERE!