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Paddleboard Fishing

paddleboard fishing

Almost everyone has been fishing once in their life, and for those who have been hooked (no pun intended) paddleboard fishing is quite the adventure.  As fast as paddleboarding has been adopted by yoga instructors, so has fishing.  Fishing from a paddleboard has many perks, starting with the fact that you can fish on the water at a fraction of the cost of buying a boat or charter.  With paddleboard fishing, you can kiss the days of fishing from a lonely pier goodbye!

We have seen many sizes of fish caught from a paddleboard, from grouper to marlin, there are no real limitations from fishing on a paddleboard.  Whether you fish at your local lake or take to the open coastal waters, you can hop on a paddleboard and create an entirely new experience with fishing from an inflatable paddleboard.  Just like a boat, you can even carry a “fishing box” around on your inflatable paddleboard.  Our Tiburon inflatable paddleboard is the best paddleboard for fishing, due to the large size you will have no problem carrying around your fishing box, a cooler, your fishing rods and even your best friend!  We even have a kayak option for those who prefer kayak fishing.

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In addition, unlike boats, paddleboards can get you into tighter areas on the water.  And unlike a traditional hard paddleboard, our inflatable paddleboards are made of military grade PVC that can take all of the bumps from underwater objects. Our SUPs will also last longer from excessive usage because they lack the usage of clear coat that you find on a traditional paddleboard, which will only crack and chip from constant exposure to the sun.

Benefits of Paddleboard Fishing

  • Maneuver into new territory!  Unlike boats, paddleboards easily glide across water and require very little depth to use.  Because of this, you can paddle your fishing game into territories that have yet to been fished.
  • See your target.  Like fishing from a pier or tower, on a paddleboard you will be able to see where the fish are near surface.  This allows you to have a better day of fishing, because lets face it, you don’t fish to just swim around.
  • Get a workout while you fish! Paddleboarding has a long list of health benefits, take a look at our list Health Benefits of Paddleboarding to find out more!
  • Easy to use!  You know how easy it is to walk up to the shore or walk out onto the pier for fishing?  The same goes for paddleboard fishing, even more so with our products, the best inflatable paddleboards!  Just pump up, gear up and get out on the water!  No trailer needed.

Paddleboard Fishing Tips

By now you are probably sold on how great it is to fish from an inflatable paddleboard.  But before you order your new SUP and lifeguard hat (to protect you from the sun-rays), consider a couple of fishing tips:

  • Bring some rope!  You will want to have your paddle easily accessible, so that when you fighting a fish you do not have to bend down to pick up or drop off your paddle.
  • If you are planning on doing a bit of wading, consider using a bit of rope to pull your board and gear around from the waist.  Our boards have mounting points to utilize for this very reason.
  • Enjoy yourself!  Whether you are going out on your own or out with some paddleboarding friends, enjoy the surroundings around you and make the absolute most out of your day!


SUPs are a fantastic new way to enjoy the outdoors.  And for those who like a challenge or can easily multitask, paddleboard fishing will take your fishing game to a whole new level.  If you have not been on a paddleboard before, order yours today and hit the water all on its own before taking your fishing gear or making a fishing trip out of it.  And of course, be sure to share your adventure with us by tagging us in your social media AND using #caribesup.  Enjoy!

fishing on a paddleboard