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Purchase a CaribeSUP Board, Help Protect Our Oceanlife!

Besides being one of the most durable and top-performing stand up paddleboards on the market (have you seen a 3-ton Jeep driving over our board without leaving a mark or dent?), with the purchase of select CaribeSUP boards you will be helping to preserve our ocean wildlife!

With the purchase of our Tortuga, Asana, and LaMar boards, you donate to organizations around the world dedicated to the conservation of different species of ocean wildlife… and even get to adopt an underwater friend!

Here are the different animals and organizations you will be supporting when you purchase one of our stand up paddleboards.

Protect Our Sea Turtles With The Purchase of the Gorgeous Turtle-Themed Tortuga SUP Boards!

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of a Tortuga stand up paddleboard will go to the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

The Sea Turtle Conservancy has been around for more than 50 years, and has played a major role in saving our Caribbean green turtles from extinction. Not only this, but they’ve helped raise awareness on the importance of protecting our sea turtles all over the world.

With the purchase of the ever-popular, emerald-green Tortuga Stand up Paddleboard combo, you will receive a Certificate of Adoption of a Sea Turtle, and even get to name and track your sea-going friend!

Help Our Manatees When You Purchase an Asana Stand Up Paddleboard!


Besides being a very popular Yoga SUP board (thanks to it’s width, thickness, and stability) the Asana does something more than just balance your energy centers… it helps keep our underwater cousins, the manatees, happy, healthy and thriving.

With each purchase of an Asana Yoga SUP Board Combo, part of the proceeds of your purchase are donated to Jimmy Buffet’s Save The Manatee Club.

Dedicated to reducing negative impacts on manatees caused by human activity, the Save the Manatee Club:

  • Increases public awareness through education
  • Sponsors research, rehabilitation and rescue efforts
  • Advocates and takes legal action necessary in order to support boat speed zones and sanctuaries
  • Supports scientists, researchers and educators around the world in order to promote conservation efforts.

You also get a Certificate of Adoption of a manatee when purchasing an Asana stand up paddleboard!

Hammerhead Sharks Need Support, Too; LaMar Stand Up Paddleboards Help Save Our Sharks!

Sharks are not the “bad guys” that the media makes them out to be. A risk of a shark attack is 1 in 11.5 Million. More deaths are caused by dogs and bees per year than sharks. For every human that is killed by a shark, we kill 20,000,000 sharks!

Like them or not, sharks are a fundamental part of our ecosystem… with the purchase of a LaMar SUP board combo, you’ll help donate to the Shark Angels Global community.

The shark angels work to make shark fin an illegal substance, promote a “Say No To Shark Fin Soup” with Yao Ming in China, work with thousands of children to educate them on the cause in order to stand up for their future, help protect the world’s largest shark sanctuaries and more.

Purchase a LaMar Stand Up Paddle Board, and you not only contribute to Shark Angels, but you also adopt a hammerhead friend as well.


CaribeSUP paddleboards are durable, inflatable paddleboards with rich, colorful, unique designs. While lightweight, they are made from military PVC, making them extremely durable, and very resistant to punctures or dings. They can also be folded and stored away when not in use, making them very popular among stand up paddleboarders.

You can purchase these boards, and several other models, here on, or from one of our dealers such as!

And when you are out on your paddleboard enjoying the water and sunlight, know that you are giving back to the wildlife all around you!