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Standup Paddling Safety

Standup Paddling Safety

We decided to make this month’s post about standup paddling safety due to the continuous popularity of paddle-boarding.  Whether you paddleboard is nearly endless, from local lakes to the wide open ocean, you can take a CaribeSUP inflatable paddleboard anywhere however, it is extremely important to make safety priority one.  Being a fairly new sport, there is not much in the Internet in regards to standup paddling safety, so we will outline some key points for you to take to the waves.

Standup Paddling Safety Tip 1: Be Humble

We get it, you just got your new SUP and are ready to take on the adventures that you see all over social media.  But stop and think for a second, do you go into a gym and rack up as much weight on the bench press though you have not been in years?  Of course not!  When you get out on the water you should have the same mentality.  Skill comes with experience, so be courteous to the local pros and be aware of where you are getting yourself.  It is wise to start in the less popular areas so you can get accustomed to your board and find your groove.  Know your limits on the water, meaning know how well you can swim and do not get into deep waters if cannot swim all too well.  Waves can be fun but, you must learn to paddle the flats before you can surf the waves.  Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask for help or advice!  Which leads us to the next key-point.

Standup Paddling Safety Tip 2: Paddle With A Partner

This is a key-point for two reasons; one paddling with a partner is a good habit of standup paddling safety and two, paddling with a partner just makes it all that much more fun.  Whether your partner is a novice or a pro, having a partner with out helps keep you, and your partner, safe out on the open waters.  You never know what you may hit, where you may fall or if something just totally bizarre happens; having a buddy with you on the water is simply safe practice and can provide a layer of support if you begin to feel defeated by Mother Nature. Which speaking of….

Standup Paddling Safety Tip 3: Know The Weather

This may seem like a no-brainer however, many new paddle-boarders completely dismiss the incoming weather.   If you know that you are going to be out on the open waters for hours, then be sure to check the hourly weather before you head out.  The last thing you want to do is paddle a few miles out and then have a thunderstorm roll up on you.  Also, there is no shade on open waters, so wear your sunscreen!  Sunburn can occur within 15 minutes in tropical climates, so amp up the SPF as much as you can to protect your skin.  If you are looking for some overhead coverage, check out our Straw Lifeguard Hat!

Some other things to keep in mind are:

  • Invest in a board leash
  • Consider lights for night paddling
  • Wear a life vest if you plan on getting into deep waters or lack swimming skills
  • If you lack swimming skills, get some!
  • Most importantly, have fun while being safe!

If you are looking to make your first purchase then check out our inflatable SUP comparison chart! If you are still not sure on which to purchase then just contact us and we will happily help you out!