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Street Surfing / Paddleboarding Hurricane Hermine

Making the best out of it!

Did you see the Hurricane Hermine Street Surfing / Paddleboarding viral video? It was recorded by our Brand Ambassadors @tyler_kapela and local Playmate @marissa_everhart, both hosts of @thehottestbite. The video went viral all over the internet and TV, as a result it was featured on nationwide news channels in the East, Midwest, South and West Coast of US in addition to Canada, Germany, UK. Also known video pages like Snapchat, Now This, Inside Edition, etc. These sure know how to make the best of it!!!

Check it out!




Street Surfing / Paddleboarding Update:

We contacted them regarding some concerns about the effect of Street Surfing / Paddleboarding on the neighbor’s homes. They confirmed that none of the water from the small wake the vehicle created was rather reaching or damaging the houses, as a result no complains were made by the neighbors. Stay safe guys!