Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Our inflatable paddleboards are manufactured using the best technology and materials available. However; no one is perfect, so for this matter we offer a TWO (2) year manufacturers warranty that covers any manufacturing defects on materials and workmanship. Cosmetic defects are not included.

No worries! Since the gauge starts at 7 PSI, it wont move for the first few pumps. Once it reaches 7 PSI you will see it move quickly. Check out our electric pumps here if you find yourself getting tired!

You’re about to purchase an inflatable stand up paddle board (SUP), but have no idea which is best for you. For some, it’s the color, the size, or how they’ll use it. The information here may help with your decision. If it doesn’t, just fill out the form at the bottom and we will help you further.

All paddle boards orders come with the inflatable paddle board you choose, a three piece adjustable aluminum paddle, a colorful high volume dual action pump, three detachable fins and the repair kit (including the screw and square washer for the main skeg). If you choose the Kayak, Night, or Ultimate Edition packages, you get more.

First check out this video or you can just place the square washer in the square opening, flat. Slide it to the front, then place the brass pin of the fin into the same square opening. Slide it all the way to the back. Now push the fin all the way in, slide the square washer back until aligns with the hole, insert the screw and screw it all the way down until tight.

First check out this video or when the board is deflated you can just fold the board bringing both black tips together, set the side fin on top and inside of each opening, then let go of the board. Once the board is inflated the pressure will keep both fins in place. We know, this is not the easiest to do, but after lots on research we found this design to provide the best performance.

We include two (2) matching color Tarpaulin patches, one (1) industrial glue and an one (1) plastic wrench tool (used to remove the valve for maintenance purposes). You will also find one (1) screw and one (1) square washer needed for the center skeg.

If ground option is clicked then yes! We also offer expedited since we believe you want your stuff quick!

Yes we do! Contact us with your full address so we can quote the shipping cost. Make sure you include what product you want us to ship and how fast you want it.

You can also watch this short video on how to inflate your stand up paddle board.


  1. Connect the pump with the pressure gauge and whose.
  2. Make sure the H3 inflation valve on the board is closed (stem up) You just need to push down and twist to the left to close it and to the right to open it (deflate).
  3. Screw in the adapter at the end of the hose to the H3 valve on the board and pump to 13-15 PSI.


  1. Plug the electric pump to your car’s battery (only while the vehicle is NOT running)
  2. Make sure the H3 inflation valve on the board is closed (stem up) You just need to push down and twist to the left to close it and to the right to open it (deflate).
  3. Screw in the adapter at the end of the hose to the H3 valve on the board
  4. Select between 13-15 PSI on the dial
  5. Press ON
  6. The pump will shut off automatically once the selected pressure is reached

All of our boards have passed a 25 PSI test, but you only need to inflate them to 15 PSI. This is crucial if you want to get the best performance out of it.

It all depends on the board, but in most cases it takes around 7 minutes for the Manual Pump. We also have Electric Pumps available here.

Check out this video or simply attach the brass clips to the D-Rings on the softpad. The lower clips attach to the back, the ones at the top to the front. Then adjust the straps until you feel comfy.

Watch this short video tutorial here. Otherwise, just leave the valve open, roll it up like a sleeping bag with the deck pad facing up (never down) Once rolled up, close the valve and tie it up with the strap included.

A very VERY long time, months in most cases. There is no need to deflate your board between usage unless you really need to. You could always check the pressure before heading out into nature.

Simple, mild soap and water should do it. Tough stains on PVC can be cleaned with a magic eraser sponge from that bald guy that is super clean….anyway, that should do it. Oh, refrain from using harsh chemicals on the foam pad. Like what? basically anything you would not put on your skin.

Always! Please send us information regarding your company/store, pictures and a cool story using our contact form.