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Why you should try yoga on a standup paddleboard!

You’ve probably heard of standup paddleboarding and I know you’ve heard of yoga, but have you ever thought of combining the two? The idea probably sounds slightly terrifying, but if you aren’t afraid to get a little wet, and are ready to have some fun, then SUPyoga might be your next adventure!

Human beings have always been drawn to water, it’s obvious from the fact that we associate the word “paradise” with a tropical beach. And yoga is beloved by many as a tool that combines fitness with meditation, balance and inner healing. Combining water with yoga is a powerful recipe and it is worth trying.

Balancing on top of a paddleboard when practicing yoga forces you to slow down and become even more aware of your breathing and your inner world, you must make focus and being present a priority, something I’m sure a few of us could use some help on! SUPyoga facilitates a deeper connection with our breath and our body.

It also forces us to engage our core more, which promotes an overall more productive workout. Because the surface is unstable our core kicks into gear more than it would have to on dry land. The possibility of falling into the water also gives us an extra burst of adrenaline which we can incorporate into our workout, helping us to stay more focused and productive.

And if you do fall in….it gives you a great opportunity to laugh at yourself, climb back onto your board, and try again! And I know there is a profound life lesson in that!

If you’re interested in SUPyoga and can’t wait to get started, be sure to check out our Asana model SUP, it’s perfect for SUPyoga, SUPpilates and even SUPcrossfit! Being a little wider than your standard SUP it offers a more stable surface while still providing the lightweight practicality of all our inflatable paddleboards. And make sure you check out Vida, an inflatable platform for use in yoga and other exercise activities, indoor or outdoor!

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