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Why Caribe inflatables are better Inflatable SUPs

Inflatable SUPs feature PVC exteriors with drop-stitch construction that create an air core. They come with a pump for inflating the board and a storage bag for when it’s not in use. While inflatables are easier to store and transport, they tend to ride higher in the water and have a bit more flex than solid boards, which give some paddlers a less stable feel.

Why get an inflatable SUP?

You have limited storage space:

If you live in a small house, condo or apartment, you may not have room for a large solid board. Inflatable SUPs are compact when deflated and can easily be stowed in small spaces, like a closet or the trunk of a car.

You’re traveling:

If your travels take you to a lake or the sea, bring along an inflatable SUP. Packed away in its storage bag, an inflatable can be checked on an airplane or stowed in a train, bus or car. Most storage bags have backpack straps for easy carrying.

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You’re hiking to a lake:

If you’re headed to an alpine lake and want to paddle, you certainly cannot carry a solid board. An inflatable stowed in its storage bag is still heavy, but it’s pretty much your only option.

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You’re paddling whitewater:

Like a raft or inflatable kayak, an inflatable SUP is better suited to handle bumps up against rocks and logs than a solid board.

You like SUP yoga:

You don’t have to get an inflatable for SUP yoga, but they tend to be a bit softer than solid boards, making them more comfortable for yoga poses.

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