Why CaribeSUP Inflatable Paddleboards Are Better

Why CaribeSUP Inflatable Paddleboards Are Better

Oyster beds? Small vehicle? 350 lbs? No problem.

Amazingly tough

Caribe SUP inflatable paddleboards are made from Tarpaulin, a rugged material similar to what the special forces rely on for their  inflatable boats. Our double thicker layer design guarantees a very rigid and durable paddleboard without compromising performance. Our paddleboards are built to take on logs, sticks, rocks, and even oyster beds. They are so tough you can drive over them with a Jeep or hit them with a sledgehammer. We know…because we did.

Very stable & easy to paddle

Our inflatable standup paddleboards are lightweight but strong and rigid. This makes them easy to handle on and off the water. All our boards are so strong and rigid that they can carry from 300 to 350 lbs with ease. They are also wider than most paddleboards, providing you with unparalleled stability

Incredibly lightweight & compact

Most of our inflatable paddleboards weigh just 23 lbs and roll up to a compact 18” x 34″. That means no need for a roof rack or extra storage space at home. Also means you can take them with you when flying to your next vacation.

Ready to go in just minutes

We offer THE best hand pump available, so Caribe SUPs inflate and deflate in just minutes — or even faster with the available 12-volt air pump.